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Cavoodle Breeders -Gold Coast-

I am a Toy cavoodle, but I am more then just a dog. I am somebody’s best friend, I am somebody’s saviour, I am somebody’s happiness and somebody’s some one to come home to. I am the smile on a humans face when they see me, so excited to see them.
Even if I’ve ripped up some toilet rolls while guarding the house by myself all day. 
I am the the health inside someone's chronic illness. I am the anxiety reliever in mental health.

I am the happiest wagging tail that will ever greet you, in your entire life. I am your child’s best friend, Your wife’s most loved. I am the soft spot for the strongest of men. I will love you at your lows,

I will love you at your highs,I will love you through your fears and lick away your tears.

I am a Toy cavoodle.

I am the little heart beat at your feet. 

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