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Meet the parent paws The creators of “family of paws”. Our beautiful mother dogs and our sires are the First priority of our household. Selected by temperament, dna testing, coat types and their overall health. Family of paws are here to better the breed, better the breeding standards and better the care and information given to families who select our Toy Cavoodles.  Why select a puppy from the family of paws? All our puppies are bred ethically, to standards and state and local laws. We meet you in our home to build a trusting bond between both us as the breeders you as the new family and of course the puppy. All information is printed clearly for families to follow, information about the puppies needs, development stages, feeding, grooming is all discussed before leaving. Our puppies leave with a whole bundle of goods!    

⁃    vet vaccinations (pet passport)    
⁃    Microchipped (transfer form)   
⁃    Wormed (schedule provided)    
⁃    Treated for fleas and ticks    
⁃    Puppy pack with lots of goodies!    
⁃    Clean, groomed, tidy and brushed

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