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Our Pawfect Promise's

  • Can I meet the puppies parents 
    Of course! Meeting our puppies parents is important / puppies can inherit and pick up on parents behaviours. We want our new families to see the beautiful Temperaments and the care and love we put into our Dams and Sires. You can also view our parents health records and genetic testing results.
  • Are you a  Reputable breeder?
    Yes, we believe we are Reputable breeders, Not only do we have the correct licensing to breed we also offer- -Health Guarantees because we are confident in our puppies health and genetics -Health clearances because all our dogs are tested for genetic diseases by orivet, and examined by a vet before rehoming. -Return of puppy guarantee/ we will take back any dog at any time to avoid them ending up in a shelter -Vaccinations - All our puppies are vaccinated according to the correct schedule, proof is sent home with new families -Age appropriate sale - Our puppies remain with their mother until after 8 weeks of age -willingness to answer questions
  • Have vaccines been administered to your puppies?
    Yes! This is so so important, there are lots of diseases that puppies can pick up so vaccinations are really important, and our puppies are vaccinated on a strict schedule. They will leave us with their first vaccine complete and we will go over the vaccine schedule thoroughly with new families. We will also send out reminders To families when vaccinations are due. Puppies will need to remain away from puppy parks and other animals until they have had their 3rd vaccine at 16 weeks.
  • Have the puppies been socialised?
    Our puppies are manipulated from birth, they are held, patted and played with during many hours of the day, Our children handle them From a very young age, they are raised inside our family home introduced to family visitors and other visiting children. They are all very social And have no problems in approaching new guests or potential new families. Our socialisation program offers a safe and trusting environment for our Puppies, we also do enrichment programs for the puppies offering them different activities through out the day, tug of war, food toys, tunnel runs and lots more. We interact with the puppies during their enrichment activities.
  • Have the puppies been wormed? 
    Absolutely our puppies are wormed every two weeks from birth!
  • What is your Guarantee ? 
    We offer a 7 day health Guarantee, If your puppy falls ill in the first 7 days we will cover the vet bill. This only includes illness and not injury acquired after leaving our home. We want our families to have a stress free transition into their new puppy journey and we want them to feel safe in knowing they are not purchasing an already sick puppy.
  • What is a Microchip and are your puppies Microchipped?
    Microchipping is a little chip inserted by a vet into the puppies upper back, it is a special number which is linked to your puppy on a database. This number identifies your Puppy and includes your contact details, this means if your puppy is lost the vet and other authorities can scan the puppy and bring up your details. Yes we have all our puppies Microchipped by our vet.
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