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The best part of what we do is seeing the happiness and love of other families choosing one of our puppies, This is why we put so much time into the  first 8 to 10 weeks of our Toy cavoodle Lives . We want to make sure our puppies are prepared for their new family and the big journey ahead. 


Our puppies start the very important journey from Day 1, they are bonded to humans and children from the moment they are born, Socialisation is very important and we believe all animals should have the opportunity to develop 




We do this through a few different varieties of activities and nurturing, bonding with puppies from the day they are born gradually but firmly establishes a deep embedded bond to humans, builds the puppies confidence and encourages development and faithfulness, fostering intense eager, enjoyment and interest in Training. Reducing  the possibility of the puppy maturing and  ending up in a shelter  due to behavioural issues. 


Our puppies will be with their mother right through their puppy journey, Both mum and puppies have a program to make sure both mum and puppies are getting enough emotional, physical and social enrichment.  We spend a lot of our day with our animals. Our children, and grandparents are also involved with all these important goals. Making sure puppies are involved in human interaction, mindful play, problem solving and of course exploration, puppies love to explore. 

The environment is always stimulating for our puppies and this helps a puppy transfer to a new environment with less stress then a puppy that comes from a non stimulating environment. 


Toilet training is taught early from a well trained mother dog as well as our consistancy in making sure puppies start a toilet routine early, we start with puppy pads. As the puppies start to move and walk we use artificial grass, then as soon as they are running around we take them to nice fresh grass, our puppies will always be familiar with toileting before they leave our home. Successful toilet training can only be taught in a clean environment. 


 Whelping   puppies is done  inside our family home, they are set up in warm comfortable whelping boxes which mum can come and go as she pleases.

Rearing takes place inside the house with times spent outside for small plays familiarising puppies with different environments.  

Puppies are vet checked and vaccinated at 6-7 weeks of age. They will be ready to leave us at 8-10 weeks depending on each puppies individual development. Puppies will only be available and advertised from 8 weeks. We do this to make sure every puppy passes their first health check. 


Support and Guidance continues after the puppies leave for families that may need it, we are here to help you on your journey with whatever that may be. 




As mentioned previously our passion is to show other families the love these beautiful breeds can bring to  families, the support and comfort they can offer children and the elderly and the loyalty they teach us all. While first priority will go to families we can meet that are local, we will also be able to freight to families wanting one of our beautiful fluffy breeds. This is a thorough process and our puppies will not just be flown to anyone. When enquiring about our puppies please list your state, Names age and the reason for wanting to adopt one of our puppies. Please keep in mind Freight will also be charged. 

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dam- Arla -sire Rocco 3 girls 3 boys

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