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About Us

We are the Family of paws. We are someone’s new adventure into the puppy world, we are someone’s guidance through the puppy stage. Some times even months and years after. We are part of the creation, of adding smiles on faces of the old, the young,  big, medium and small families, the sick the lonely and those with mental health challenges. We are the Family of Paws that produce happy, healthy,clean, enriched and loved F1 and F1b toy cavoodles to the whole of the Gold-coast and beyond.

We are a family of paws. We are a family of 2 big humans and 3 little humans and lots of cute paws. With a passion in F1 + F1b toy cavoodles, we take every pride in our ethical breeding producing stunning beautiful toy cavoodles-


Our whole family help to create the designer breed of the cavalier King Charles spaniel crossed with the Toy poodle. We select our mothers carefully and our sires. They are the most important paws of our family! While providing them a nurturing, loving, clean and safe environment that fills all of their living, loving and enrichment needs. 


The family of paws have an abundance of knowledge in all exciting topics of dogs and puppies Ross-Dog handling/psychology (qualified dog handler) Kayla- Dog grooming (qualified dog groomer) Breeding with links to breeding specialists, Whelping knowledge, whelping needs, extensive knowledge in puppy development, Puppy health insurance DNA testing and results. We are now offering deeply engraved pet tags in our shop. Our focus is to make sure our puppies leave our family home well adjusted and ready for the big wide world around them. It's also important to us that our families leave feeling relaxed, calm and confident that they have selected a puppy from the Family of paw's. 

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