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A lost pet is heart breaking! 
Microchips are great but don’t have instant details. We have a resolution for you! 
We offer 
Pet ID Tags DEEPLY engraved using Imarc deep engraving Pet Tag Machine -long lasting durable Tags. 
Anodised aluminium standard tags 
We have some oil rubbed bronze tags 
Pewter tags 
Signature hand crafted tags made of pewter 
Small tags- 4 lines per side max 
Large tags - 6 lines per side max 
Signature tags- small 2 lines max 
Signature tags -large 4 lines max 
Our iMarc engraving machine automatically maximises the text size based on how much is being engraved. So the more engraving you ask for, the smaller it will read. All text is automatically centralised.
Each tag comes complete with a silver split ring for attaching to your pets collar.

Small blue bone

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